AltusCampus is self-paced online continuing medical education for medical professionals and healthcare facilities which helps them achieve and maintain their licensing and certification needs.

Our cloud-based Learning Management System (LMS) and programming expertise makes our eLearning platform easier to use than any other provider. Individual healthcare professionals can visit our website and in three clicks be taking a course.

We track the medical professional’s continuing education credits in a personal repository we call the CE Wallet. The CE Wallet, a free feature of AltusCampus, tracks not only an individual's courses on AltusCampus, but they may also add and track courses they have taken from other providers so their entire credit history is in one location. The CE Wallet continues to update individuals on the status of their licensing requirements so they can’t miss fulfilling their licensing requirements.

AltusCampus also creates great value for healthcare facilities that want to offer full training to their team. A custom Campus setup makes it easy to track compliance for an entire facility. We set up a custom website to help educate your entire staff. We also provide all the course completion reporting in an easy to use format. With the platform being cloud-based, there is no need for facilities to install and maintain an in-house LMS and we provide the tech support for facility employees. So not only is your compliance officer’s job easier, the same goes for your IT staff. Campus pricing is volume based and facility users have access to our entire library of courses.

The AltusProducers program allows us offer a wider array of courses than we can produce on our own. And, when their courses are purchased by healthcare professionals, they receive a revenue share. When the producer’s course is also used on a facility’s Campus they are compensated as well. AltusProducers also receive a free Campus setup.


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