THE Problem Based Learning Institute can teach a select group of speakers from your speakers’ bureau or your University department faculty the techniques necessary to become skilled facilitators of Problem-based learning (PBL) sessions for “promotional” or CME talks. There are two primary options in which we can teach PBL facilitation: 1) Live face to face PBL speaker training or 2) via “virtual PBL speaker training.” The “virtual training” may especially be relevant during this COVID-19 pandemic, where not only travel is restricted, but live programs will not likely occur for some time.

Live face to face PBL speaker training–The full day seminar is a unique meeting we call Teach the Teachers™ and can be focused upon the topic, problem or disease state of your choice. It is an intense day of learning and practicing the appropriate techniques and critiquing to mold new facilitators into their newly learned skills. Due to the nature of the course, the ideal number is between 12-14 attendees per day. We can accommodate more if it is necessary, however, with advanced planning

The Institute has experts who develop clinically relevant cases based on real patients in the proper PBL format to maximize the effectiveness of the interactive discussions. We are happy to work with any key faculty members in your division or content experts in your speakers’ bureau in developing the relevant PBL case(s).

We would love the opportunity to teach your faculty or speakers the techniques that we have utilized and mastered for over 30 years. We have taught this one-day seminar over 70 previous times for most of the major Pharmaceutical companies as well as for several CME groups. Please contact us for more information and a sample Agenda with a detailed explanation. We tailor the day of Teach the Teachers™ for you!

Web based PBL training–This can be done as two-separate two-hour sessions. The obvious advantage especially during this COVID-19 pandemic is that this is less expensive by saving on speakers’ travel expenses (hotel, airline tickets and food). This now gives the option of delivering quality PBL based, very interactive live (and if needed, recorded) sessions in a virtual format that allows for proper social distancing. However, clearly, those speakers trained in PBL strictly over the Web will NOT have the skills required for face to face PBL teaching sessions in the future.


In the last few years we have a trained a select group of Pediatricians from the University of California at San Diego, Rady Children’s Hospital and Cardiologists from the Division of Cardiology at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine and otolaryngologists from the American Academy of Otolaryngologic Allergy for the purpose of integrating PBL sessions into their CME meetings and ongoing conferences.

Furthermore, we have developed national CME dinner program initiatives that were more “disease state” PBL dinner programs for Pharma companies who have CME divisions wishing to do so. We are experts at developing content, obtaining CME approval, credits and certificates as well as coordinating restaurant choices, picking national faculty who are PBL trained, and inviting ideal health care providers from extensive databases. An example of a full one-hour PBL done for CME is available below.