Magna Publications

Founded in 1972, Magna Publications serves the higher education community by producing online seminars, publications, conferences and other products that support faculty and staff development. For over four decades, we have given thought-leaders on thousands of campuses a platform to share their ideas and advice with their colleagues. 

To those who are wondering about the story behind the company, we offer this brief history.

Magna was founded by Bill Haight, when he created and distributed  his first publication,  National On Campus Report. This publication helped campuses to share information about trends, ideas, and events. After the initial success of National On Campus Report, Magna published additional newsletters for the higher education community including faculty, academic leadership, student affairs professionals, and distance education administrators. Forty years later, our newsletters now include The Teaching Professor, Faculty Focus, Academic Leader, Online Classroom, Distance Education Report, and Recruitment & Retention

Today Magna Publications is more than a newsletter publishing company.  Our growing portfolio of timely, professional development products and services includes online seminars, courses, video recordings, workshops, ebooks, white papers, and conferences.

We connect thought leaders from throughout higher ed to faculty, staff, and administrators to address the most pressing and timely issues.  

Since its inception, Magna has been respected for its ability to present the kind of information you need to be an excellent teacher and leader. This commitment to quality and innovation has helped us achieve many industry firsts. We were the first to publish newsletters that shared best practices for faculty members without using scholarly jargon.  We were the first to produce online seminars with live streaming video. One of our latest ventures, the 20 Minute Mentor, offers fast, focused, and intensive programs based on the idea that faculty members; time is precious and limited.

Bill Haight continues to lead Magna Publications as our chief innovator and collaborator, in addition to being our President and CEO. Based in Madison, Wis., Magna Publications continues to be the most trusted name in higher education faculty and staff development.

We’re proud to serve over 4,000 campuses nationally and internationally.

We are looking toward the future, anticipating what’s next and how we can best serve the dedicated professionals who work in higher education.


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